How HD2, LLC Can Be Of Service To Our Local Property Owners

HD2 is equipped with the most modern heavy construction equipment and hauling trucks available in the industry today. Being from Oregon, we strive to give back to our beautiful community, all while taking care of our own. So we are proud to offer the same great value of work to all of our clients, from enterprises down to the public.




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Excavation Services

HD2 LLC was founded on the principle of providing great transportation and hauling services to great people. There is no exception when it comes to our excavating and demolition services. Safety is the number one factor to consider when using heavy equipment to finish your demolition project. With over 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to handle any excavating, trenching, site preparation or demolition project.

Property Services

As been stated before, our crews of professional excavation experts and site development gurus place quality, efficiency, and overall adaptibility as the foundation of our company's success. Whether our services are required to develop the land by clearing foliage, trees, shrubbery, and/or an old structure, or if you're seeking assistance with mapping and trenching utility lines, you can rely on the property services here at HD2, LLC!


Hauling & Transport

We have some of the most competitive material hauling and heavy equipment transportation rates in the industry because we understand every aspect required to get the job done on time. From weather to traffic hurdles, we take your hauling and transportation needs to the next level. With over 2 decades of experience hauling expensive and sensitive materials and equipment, we have no problem handling your transportation needs, no matter how big or how small.





Wind Turbines

HD2 LLC has worked in the wind industry for GE, John Deere Wind Power, Chevron, and other international companies for the last 10 years. From the Pacific Northwest to Lubbock Texas. Whether it is roads, power trenches, foundations, or drainage, HD2 has done all aspects and has the experience to oversee the completion of small projects to full-size wind turbine farms. Call HD2 LLC today and streamline your project to completion.

Horse Arenas

HD2 LLC has worked with horse enthusiasts from the back 40 horse lovers to professional trainers. Dressage, cutting, jumping or just recreational. HD2 LLC has also worked with ADS engineers to design horse arenas for maximum drainage up to 20,000 gallons an hour with adjustable footings. We also specialize in versatile footings for various applications, indoors or out, irrigation, drainage, footings, and maintenance. It’s not our first rodeo, call HD2 and let us get the work roped in together.



Vineyards and wines are a passion. Let HD2 help you develop and create your raw property into your vision of a thriving vineyard producing world class wines. From land clearing to underground barrel storage, from fir trees to vineyard, from hillside to winery, tasting rooms, ponds, irrigation, drainage, HD2 can help you achieve your answers. HD2 understands, this not just a business, or your life, it is a PASSION. HD2 will help you fulfill your dreams of the Chateau life you deserve.



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